Friday, May 14, 2010

Who What When...

It all started about 2 Summers ago, while we were enjoying a beautiful sunny afternoon in a Mtl downtown coffee shop. We were sharing about how it would be amazing to be our own boss... At that time, we were both working for a well-known clothing label, a big corporate company, each in our respective departments... and we truly believed we were in fashion! As stress was part of our daily reality, we thought it would be better to control our own destiny... and it was out of question to step far from the fashion industry.

Few months later, we decided to "make things happen" as we were then happily free of our previous job positions. So we did it; we teamed up our background, experience and energy to create Mosaïk Montréal, an authentic clothing line for the urban fashionable woman. As described by our beloved friend Candice Pantin, Mosaïk's essence resides in an eclectic fusion of contemporary & vintage, cosmopolitan & organic, and structured & whimsical.

Both Mtl city lovers, we also wanted to offer "made in Montreal" collections that reflect the metropolis lifestyle (a little like what DKNY is doing for New York). We named our line Mosaïk after we read in a book about Montreal being portrayed as a "mosaic of cultural communities". It was just so "us" and so ''city" at the same time... We were so inspired that we made our logo in various shades of beige to refer to the skin color diversity found in Mtl.

So here we are with a 3rd collection on our way after jumping countless barriers. We don't get alot of rest, but boy we love what we do!

WELCOME to our new blog! This blog will not only be about us, but mostly about you wearing IT...

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