Thursday, May 20, 2010

“The strangest pants I had ever seen” - Christophe Bergeron,

Bizarre, fun, unusual, cool, original... Describes them! Our Stir-Up Pants are definitely one of a kind!

It took us 2 seasons to launch them on the market. They were initially part of our 1st collection but their pattern had mysteriously disappeared... We really wanted them to “exist” so we made a 2nd pattern for them to be part of our Summer 2010 assortment. We’re really glad of our decision because they caught a lot of attention during the last edition of Montreal Fashion Week. When our designer Marie-Eve Chagnon wore our Stir-Up Pants on the last evening of MFW18, she had no idea that thanks to them, she was going to be noticed by The Montreal Buzz Chef Editor and blogger Christophe Bergeron... the man that became her boyfriend a couple of weeks later... Who knows who and what our Stir-Up Pants can bring you once you have them on?!

Designer Marie-Eve Chagnon at MFW18 - March 2010

We often daydream when we walk together on the streets... Last week, we were imagining a Cirque du Soleil version of our Stir-Up Pants! A pair of them with super long stir-ups hanging at the ceiling... so much pleasure for the acrobats and such a show for the audience!

You can have a try-out of our Stir-Up Pants at Boutique TJ Steele (1387 Ste-Catherine West, Montreal Downtown). A denim version will be available as of next week. Stay tuned!

Denim Stir-Up Pants

Stir-Up Pants photos by Benjamin Von Wong

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